Creative Nonfiction

Photo of Fred Reolo for Verismo

“Verismo,” Hippocampus Magazine

I had seen the photos of my grandfather in his uniform, leaning against a motorcycle…. He was like one of the war heroes in novels, young, handsome – the kind of man that women fought over.

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Dashboard picture for Road Warrior

“Road Warrior,” Hippocampus Magazine

My father never had a driver’s license during my lifetime. Family photos showing him behind the wheel of a 1950 Buick sedan proved he must have been a driver before I was born. I’d once asked my mother why he gave it up.

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Photo of my Mother for Shared History

“Shared History,” Literary Mama

I was 19, and tonight was the first time my mother had spoken to me as another woman, not just as her daughter. Why had she decided to tell me now that she’d been in love with another man?

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A woman sits by the sea

“Letting Go of My Mother,” The Manifest-Station

Absorbing her loss was not something that happened all at once on the day she died or even when I collected her cremated remains. I let go of her by inches and days –

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Cover of the anthology Air

“Dayparts,” from Air: A radio anthology (Books by Hippocampus)

“How come you don’t like to go to sleep?” my Aunt Ida asks…. I know she doesn’t really expect an answer. If she did, I could have told her: It’s the radio.

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