Work with Vicki

I work with individuals and organizations as a teacher, writer and editor.

Workshops: Workshops are offered in-person and online. Check the Events page on this site for the latest details. Workshops also can be tailored to fit a group’s or organization’s needs. Past workshops include memoir writing, healing through our stories, nonfiction places and spaces, literary journalism and storytelling for communications and marketing.

Ghostwriting: No time to write – or just don’t want to do it yourself? Hire me to write your article for trade publications, an op-ed or an entire book.

Feature and content writing: Storytelling for the web.  Content writing for print and the web, feature articles for magazines and newsletters.

Editing: I’m available to edit your magazine, your manuscript or your essay.

Storytelling for brand building: Telling authentic stories about your company or organization builds a strong brand. I can help to find yours.


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